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It is a long cherished dream accomplished to Msgr. Joseph K.W. Thomas, Kandathil, with the whole hearted financial support of people here and abroad the project has come to a reality. The most developed form of Radiation treatment with LINEAR ACCELERATOR facility is in its full swing. Chemotherapy, Brachy therapy are its supportive services.

To meet an urgent felt-need of Central Kerala in the year 2000 SH General Hospital Trust began planning for Cancer Institute attached to the Hospital. All essential Oncology Departments such as Medical, Surgical, Radiation as well as Pain and Palliative Care were included in the project.

We appealed to people in India and abroad for financial contributions. The responses were encouraging especially with the substantial contribution from the Italian Bishops' Conference. With the grants received also from some other funding agencies and collections raised from the faithful of our parishes and emigrants to other parts of India and abroad, we could raise over 80% of the target amount and implement the project.

In these past five years, the Institute has functioned very well to the satisfaction of all concerned. Thousands of financially poor patients affected with the deadly disease of cancer received effective treatment and solace. In the beginning from 2003, in the single Linac we have, radiation was given on an average to 40 cancer patients per day. Now that has steadily increased to 70 patients per day. Again with a financial share from the Italian Bishops' Conference and other agencies, a second Linac is going to be installed soon to meet the growing demand of the Cancer patients.


TraetmentsRadiation Oncology Division : State -of- the art Varian LINEAR ACCELERATOR-2300CD with dual energy photons and multienergy electrons, sophisticated multileaf collimator and Enhanced Dynamic Wedge enabling 3- dimensional conformal radiotherapy and IMRT to provide clinical objectives of utmost precision and dose escalation with maximum sparing of normal tissues from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation.

Acuity Radiation simulator : with cutting edge technology of CONE-BEAM facility for planning st and verification treatment techniques. The second such high end technology available Ist in Kerala.

Treatment Planning System : Most Modern Varian Eclipse TPS to provide computational solutions to complex treatment strategies.

TraetmentsIORT : One of the very few centers with intra operative radiotherapy facility supported by a surgical oncology team of excellence in experience and expertise. Future expansion with second Linac with Micro MLC and SRT. Also addition of HDR Brachy therapy facility.

Diagnostics facilities including MAMMOGRAPHY and Ultrasonograhpy

Surgical Oncology : The surgical Oncology team is the pride of the center and cater to the full range of surgical management of various malignancies at all sties. Breast Cancer Surgery Breast conservation, mastectomies, Breast Reconstruction and IORT.

Traetments# Gynecologic Surgeries-Uterine and Ovarian Cancers.
# Gastrointestinal tract Cancer Surgery,
# Thoracic Surgery-Esophageal Cancers,
# Head and neck Surgery with innovative reconstruction.
# Bone & Soft tissue surgery

Chemotherapy Facilities for all types of Malignancies including Chemo radiation for curative management of Cancers.Back up support by various specialties at SHGH, Green gardens, the sister concern- Endoscopy, Laproscopy, Internal Medicine, General surgery, Gynecology Orthopedic surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Counseling, Laboratory, Blood Bank & Pathology Departments.

TraetmentsPalliative and Terminal care facility to advanced and end stage cancer patient.

Tumor Board : The center has a team of former professors and experienced specialists to provide comprehensive cancer care with the help of active Tumour Board.